Swiss engineered perforated window films

Innova30 - Outside Looking In

Continental Grafix (CGX) Perforated Window Films are Swiss engineered to produce the most technically advanced "One Way" product available. A whiter white point produces a stunning quality print and superior performance is backed up with a 3yr warranty. Discover the largest range of perforation patterns to suit every window including 20 / 30 / 40 / 50% openness plus optically clear perforated for internal mount & matched overlaminates. We are Australia's perforated window film experts - see why everyone is making the switch

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Innova C-thru Media


Perforated at 20% with 80% printable area

Produces a stunning quality print still with excellent c-thru

Ideal for retail windows and high end detailed graphics

Significantly reduces heat for sun affected windows


Perforated at 30% with 70% printable area

Produces a high quality print with excellent c-thru

The perfect balance between quality print and fabulous c-thru


Perforated at 40% with 60% printable area

The preferred choice for transit (train, bus and tram) windows providing brilliant c-thru


Perforated at 50% with 50% printable area

For application to rear and side windows of cars



> Printable on UV, Solvent & Latex

> Calandered PVC

> Self adhesive for external mount

> Universal release liner

> Available 1372mm w & 50m rolls. 1524mm w in 50m rolls. Larger rolls up to 400l/m available on request




>Optically clear overlaminate matched for Innova C-thru Media

> For tight curves / corners

> Available 1372mm w and 1524mm w in 50m rolls


Innova CLEAR C-thru Media


Optically clear perforated at 20% with 80% printable area for internal mount

> Printable on UV, Solvent & Latex

> Self adhesive for external & internal mount

> Universal release liner

> Available 1372mm w and 1524mm w in 50m rolls

2 Way Vision - NEW


2 Way Vision

> White dots with clear surround - not perforated

> Printable on Solvent only

> Self adhesive for external mount

> Release liner

> Available 1372mm w in 50m rolls

PanoramaFilm C-thru Media (internal mount)

> Perforated at 30% openness

> Printable on UV, Solvent & Latex

> Non adhesive polyester

> Universal release liner

> Available 1372mm w in 30.48m rolls

PanoramaDecos MIRROR FINISH C-thru Media

> Perforated at 20% openness

> Printable on UV, Solvent & Latex

> Universal release liner

> Available 1372mm w in 15m rolls

Global Transit Specialists

Global Transit Specialists



Tram / LRV

Continental Grafix is global leader and innovator in transit perforated window films. Superior performance and regimented safety is why more train, tram & bus operators trust CGX than any other brand.


CGX is the only manufacturer of transit perforated window films who actively work alongside transit operators to develop products for rapidly changing regulations. Having complete control over the manufacturing process allows CGX to modify hole size, hole pattern, material weight/composition, adhesive values & liner varieties to ensure you are at the forefront of World’s best practice.


With an emphasis on research & development, CGX continually seeks to optimise customer and passenger experience by working with regulatory bodies to ensure safety and optimal compliance. CGX can guarantee their perforated window films hold the highest level in safety standards.



Flammability - M1, B1 & ASTM E84 certified

In-field Safety Testing

Sustainability & Recyclability

Continental Grafix is committed to a sustainable future.


That's why we are creating the World's first 100% recyclable perforated window film.


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Innova30 - Inside Looking Out